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Our transportation carpets and fabrics are used in automotive, Automotive Aftermarkets, and mass transit applications – all of which have stringent quality and performance requirements.


We’ve designed products to handle constant dynamic wear conditions. They’re engineered to be UV resistant with years of exposure to direct sunlight.

Technology Transfer

Our technology has enabled us to enhance the performance of our transportation fabrics and apply this to many new products for other industries.

Color flexibility

They’re colorfast and color matched to OEM specifications. They clean easily, and stay looking new.


Non-woven carpets and fabrics historically have offered the most cost-effective solution for sound absorption, durability and performance for the automotive and heavy truck industry in areas such as: cabin liner, headliner, trunkliner, flooring, protective mats, etc.


Products are available to meet the flammability requirements (FMVSS 302) expected in transportation applications. In addition, they are engineered to provide sound absorption from noisy road conditions.

Recommended Applications

Wheel Wells
Heat Shields
Multiple other uses

Transportation fabrics on the fast track