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You provide the challenge.
We'll provide the solution!

Shaw Nonwovens has learned to expect the unexpected from our customers

You give us new challenges and opportunities, and we provide the solutions. Our custom applications use a totally fresh, customer-driven and value-engineered approach.


Our fabrics are used in many different specialty products and markets. By matching our technical capabilities and experience to specific applications, we deliver fabrics that perform every time.


The needlebond process has been utilized for over a century to create fabrics that are durable, aesthetic, cost-effective, and applicable across a broad range of uses. Our needlebond technology enables us to use different fibers including nylon, polyester, and polyolefins. Unlike others, we can blend different polymers to meet very specific visual, performance, and cost considerations. We color match fabrics to specific samples, using the most sophisticated color technology available. Textures such as ribs, chevrons, or hobnails provide even greater design options and flexibility.

Shaw Nonwovens

Imagination in action custom applications that grow every day.